Lions and Warriors to face-off in Southern Arena semi-final

East End Lions FC and Bai Bureh Warriors will be battling in the semifinals of the Southern Arena  gala at the Bo Town Mini Stadium on Saturday 21st May 2023.

Both teams advanced to the finals following their identical win in a penalty shootout against their opponents on Friday.

In an electrifying, Bo Mini Stadium four teams played competitive football as a build-up to the Grand Opening Ceremony of the newly constructed prestigious Southern which is located at Bo town, in the southern region of Sierra Leone.

East End Lions win 5-4 on penalties to eliminate Wusum Stars to reach the semifinals, while Kamboi Eagles suffered a 6-7 defeat on penalties, giving Bai Bureh Warriors the advantage to progress to the semifinals.

Both matches ended in a tie after the full ninety minutes but the Warriors from Northwest and the Lions from Western Area narrowly sailed through after a thrilling post-game penalty shootout.

The winner between Lions and Warriors will take on Bo Rangers in what will be described as a historic match to mark the ceremonial opening of the Southern Arena, a stadium that will pave the way for a bunch of talents not only in Bo town or the southern province but Sierra Leone as a whole.  

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