Hassan Jalloh completes his move to Grindavík FC

Hassan Jalloh joins Grindavík FC in an exciting move.

By Magdalene Konneh

Australian Sierra Leonean forward Hassan Jalloh has signed for Iceland’s second-tier side, Grindavík Football Club, for the 2024 Lengjudeildin league season. 


The club announced on its social media with excitement that it had secured the signing of the versatile centre forward to boost its striking force ahead of the season. 


“Grindavík has agreed with Hassan Jalloh to play with the club in the League this summer. Hassan is a 25-year-old versatile forward born in Sierra Leone with Australian citizenship”, the club wrote in their statement.


“Grindavík’s football club is pleased to have Hassan join the club and looks forward to seeing him in the Grindavík jersey this summer”, they added.


The football world is filled with inspiring stories of players who have traversed continents, cultures, and leagues to pursue their passion for the game.

One such story is that of Hassan Jalloh, a 25-year-old forward whose career has taken him from the warm shores of Australia to the cooler climes of Iceland.

Jalloh’s footballing journey began in earnest in Australia, where he played for a series of clubs, including Bonnyrigg White Eagles, Blacktown City, APIA Leichhardt, Rydalmere, Altona Magic, Marconi Stallions, and Sydney FC. His performances caught the eye of scouts in Iceland, leading to a successful stint with HK Kópavogs, where he made a significant impact over two seasons.

His move to Grindavík is seen as a coup for the club, which is eager to make its mark in the upcoming season. Jalloh brings with him not just skill and experience but also a unique perspective shaped by his multicultural background.


In the 2022/23 league season, Jalloh played 22 games for HK Kópavogs and scored eight goals, including the goal that sealed their promotion into the first tier.


“It was good that I scored a couple of goals to help the team. It was the best decision I have ever made to play here because the quality, the team, the people, and the aims are all beautiful.


He speaks fondly of the football culture in Iceland, where community involvement and accessibility to the sport are deeply ingrained. It contrasts his experiences in Australia, where he feels the community aspect could be more substantial.

Jalloh’s wish for Australia to emulate Iceland’s passion for football and its community spirit reflects his values. He appreciates the close-knit nature of Icelandic football, where a pitch and a ball are never too far away, allowing for constant training and improvement. 

This environment has nurtured his talents and will likely continue to do so as he dons the Grindavík jersey.


“It is a beautiful experience to play Football in Iceland. I wish Australia had the same community involvement in the League as Iceland. 


“Football means a lot to Icelandic people, and they cherish it with everything they’ve got. Even if it’s cold, some kids will train, watch, and support us wherever we go. They also talk to us, and it’s nice that the kids are very engaged with football.

As Jalloh prepares for the summer league, fans and followers of the Lengjudeildin can expect to see a player who is skilled on the field and carries the hopes and dreams of two nations. His story reminds us that football has the power to connect disparate parts of the world, creating a tapestry of experiences that enrich the sport.

As Jalloh steps onto the Icelandic pitches, he carries the legacy of his Sierra Leonean roots and the lessons learned in Australia. It’s a beautiful game, and players of his calibre make it even more so. 

The Icelandic football community and Grindavík supporters are ready to welcome him with open arms, eager to witness his impact on the league and the club.

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