Meet Emmanuel Sahr Clint-Foday, a rising basketball star of Australian-Sierra Leonean descent

Introducing Emmanuel Sahr Clint-Foday, a promising basketball talent with an Australian-Sierra Leonean heritage.

By Magdalene Konneh

Emmanuel Sahr Clint-Foday, a 16-year-old basketball prodigy, was born to parents from Sierra Leone. He displayed a strong passion for the sport from an early age.

He embarked on his basketball journey by training with Syndey Blazers and MVP Basketball, where he refined his skills alongside other talented young players.

Emmanuel’s hard work and unwavering commitment have paid off. Recently, he secured his first prestigious contract with West Sydney Wolves, one of Sydney’s most renowned basketball clubs.

This addition to the Wolves team showcases his remarkable growth and relentless determination to excel in Australian top-tier basketball.

The Wolves are deeply committed to providing opportunities, fostering success, and promoting community sports participation.

Initially established in 2017 as a modest basketball association in Sydney, they have since expanded into a comprehensive sports association, offering services in basketball, volleyball, futsal, wheelchair sports, martial arts, dance, and more.

Emmanuel possesses an impressive combination of agility, height, and meticulousness as a point guard, making him a formidable presence on the court.

His passion and dedication to the sport are fuelled by his family’s unflinching support, particularly his parents.

Emmanuel’s remarkable display in the current league could potentially secure him a position to represent NSW in this year’s basketball state championship, scheduled to take place in Melbourne.


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