Clash of the East: Luawa FC Vs Kamboi Eagles match ends in fiasco

A wide range of eyewitnesses has reported that the match between Luawa FC and Kamboi Eagles was abandoned following an attack on the centre referee.

According to information reaching this media, the confusion started when the referee awarded a penalty to Luawa FC midway through the second half. Fans stormed the pitch and attacked the referee with objects.

Their actions disrupted the play and left the officiating team with no option but to declare the match abandoned as all efforts to get them off the pitch and restart the match were fruitless.

Both teams are pointing fingers at each other for the incident, playing the blame games to avoid losing the point. “Three Kambio Eagles hit the referee after he awarded Luawa FC a penalty. They stormed the pitch and the security find it difficult to remove them from the pitch”.

“They disrupted the play and refused for the penalty to be taken. The match was then abandoned as night settled in.  The Luawa FC Players were waiting all the time to take the penalty”, a fan of Luawa FC posted on social media.

According to a reporter close to Kamboi Eagles, Osman Hardy Jalloh, tensions between both sets of supporters had been rising with Kamboi Eagles officials complaining on numerous occasions of biased officiating.

“In the 76th minute, the central referee awarded a controversial penalty to Luawa. A decision that left onlookers and other football stakeholders baffled as to how the official could have determined that it was inside the box in a pitch filled with water and all lines erased”, he noted.

“Kamboi Eagles players questioned the referee’s decision before fans stormed the pitch and stopped the match from continuing”.

The match officials according to Jalloh, had to put the match on hold for over 15 minutes before deciding to end it abruptly.

Meanwhile, the score was 0-0 before the incident occurred.

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