Southern Arena passes FIFA Mandatory Test with Quality Pro Ratings

The Southern Arena has passed the FIFA-approved mandatory test which was conducted by Netherlands-based FIFA-certified artificial pitch testing company,  Kiwa ISA Sport B.V. on the 22nd and 23rd of February 2023.

The Quality Concept Football Turf Report Summary submitted to the management of the Southern Arena indicates an excellent passing rate in all areas of requirements for a FIFA-approved turf pitch and stadium.

According to the management of Southern Arena, passing the FIFA mandatory test with quality pro ratings means that it has fulfilled all international standards and professional requirements for hosting international football competitions and operates as a certified FIFA-approved stadium.

However, it’s no surprise to the management as the right processes were followed since the inception of the project and with excitement applaud all contractors (local & international) for the excellent work done together.

The management is certain that shortly, the Southern Arena will be able to host international matches for Leone Stars and other nations or teams who will desire to host their matches in Sierra Leone.

“A new dawn will be coming in for Sierra Leone football with a better pitch and better atmosphere for the best performance of our players”, they bragged.

The management of the stadium implored on Sierra Leoneans to exercise patience and wait for the grand opening of the Southern Arena as the first FIFA-approved quality pro standard turf pitch in Sierra Leone.

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