Sierra Leone ends West Africa Trophy with Qualification to Africa Championship 2024

Patriot's wins third-place match in West Africa Trophy

The participation of the Senior Men’s Patriots at the West Africa Trophy organized by the Nigeria Cricket Federation has seen Sierra Leone secure qualification to enter the Africa Cricket Championship scheduled for 2024.

The country ended the 15-day Lagos battle with a 5-wicket win against Ghana to grab bronze and to join Nigeria in the elite 2024 African show.

The Lagos engagement is not only meant to decide who qualify for the Africa Cricket Championship with performance in the West Africa Trophy, but also to prepare participating nations like Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Ghana, and Rwanda for the upcoming ACA Cup in South Africa in December this year.

Sierra Leone has come clean to understand its terrain as it faces the bull dogs on the African Continent in the end-of-year Showpiece.

Added to the qualification glory is the feat earned by Sierra Leone’s Ibrahim Gandi Kabia who made his international umpiring debut at the just finished West Africa Trophy, co-umping in four decisive matches.

Selected as one of the most experienced young umpires, the 31-year-old was on test. He was pitted to ump in the country’s fourth match against Ghana at the Tawafa Balewa Square to mark his first ever foreign match in an alien soil.

The first batch of the Sierra Leonean contingent will depart Nigeria on Monday as the second one does so on Wednesday.

 Credit: CSL Media 

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