Mighty Blackpool 1-1 East End: Old rivals draw in Premier League clash

The Premier League match between Mighty Blackpool and East End ended in a 1-1 draw, as the old rivals faced off once again.

The game was held at the Angola playing Field located in Freetown, Sierra Leone, and was witnessed by a large number of enthusiastic soccer fans.

Mighty Blackpool had a strong start to the match and scored the first goal in the 7’ minute with a well-executed header by midfielder Mohamed Sesay.

However, East End Lions did not give up and persisted in attacking, in search of an equalizer. Their efforts paid off in the 83’ minute when striker Suleiman S Kargbo scored a spectacular goal from inside the box, levelling the score.

Both teams continued to strive for a victory, but the game ended in a tie, with each team earning a point. This outcome places Mighty Blackpool in Twelfth position in the league standings, while East End Lions remain in fourteenth place.

Despite the draw, both teams can take away positives from the match. Mighty Blackpool displayed their strong offensive qualities and East End Lions demonstrated their determination and fighting spirit.

This 1-1 draw will surely increase the anticipation for future games between these long-standing rivals. With their consistent performances, both teams will aim to capitalize on their draws in their upcoming league matches.


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