Babadi Kamara says investment in players and facility paid off big time

Babadi Kamara says sports investment will bring rapid growth in the sector

The chairman of Bo Rangers FC, Babadi Kamara says an increase in investment in players and facilities is the key reason for the team’s incredible performance this season.

While celebrating with his team for winning the premier league back-to-back, Kamara told MTS that sports investment is a significant factor to improve the sector in the country.

Pointing out that the Bo Rangers squad dominated the league because they have a good training ground, a stadium with a good pitch, and a well-focused administration that is managing the affairs of the players and the technical team well.

“Most definitely, because when you look at the investment in players, the investment in facilities, we do it to enhance performance. When we play today, there was a great improvement because of the type of field we have”.

“We saw the ball rolling, rebounds and the team was able to play constructive football because they were playing on a very beautiful pitch”.

“So because of that, I believe we’ve tried as best as possible to make sure football in entire Sierra Leone is very attractive by investing in players and facilities. I am sure we will continue to win trophies as long as we continue to play good football”.

The chairman poured heaps of praise on his boys after their premier league title win on Sunday at the Southern Arena. Citing teamwork and discipline for achieving their dream of becoming back-to-back champions with a remarkable 30 games unbeaten record.

“I feel very good, being a chairman of a club that has won two premier league titles in a row is always a blessing and I believe as a manager and people of Bo and the club as a whole everybody is delighted. We are happy and grateful to Allah”.

“Thanks to the fans for their support. We appreciate their efforts especially those who are always willing to follow us during our away matches. We couldn’t have achieved this without their support. They’ve been the backbone of the club and we are proud of them”, he said.

Now that the team’s qualification for the CAF Champions League preliminaries has been confirmed, Kamara asserted that they are committed to representing Sierra Leone with a different approach as they aim at making a huge impact this time despite the big task ahead.

“Everyone knows that CAF Champions League is a very big competition. It’s a continental league that requires very good preparation and very good players”.

“Last season we made our debut in the CAF champion’s league, but we were unable to achieve our dream because, in the first instance, we had to play both matches away from home due to a lack of standard playing facilities in Sierra Leone”.

“But this time around, with the facilities we have at home, whatever team we are drawn against will be coming here to play us and we know that as long as we are playing in Bo, we will always do our best to win our home matches”.

“And also when going away we will try to get a favorable result. So with this facility this season, I am sure of producing a very good performance in the African Champions League. We will surprise so many nations,” he promised.

Kamara said after their last four matches everyone in the Bo Rangers team will have some time to rest. However, the management and technical team will use that period to review the season and make the necessary adjustment to the team.

“After every league season, there is a need to review your team and find out which area to improve and make a strategic decision to keep the players that will do well and release those that are surplus to requirement and bring in new players to replace those who will be leaving the club base”, he said.  

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