Babadi Kamara donates Artificial Turf Rubber Granules to FC Kallon

Babadi Kamara donates artificial turf rubber granules to FC Kallon as they work on improving their playing field for a safer and more enjoyable game.

By Petros Katta

The CEO of BO Rangers Football Club, Babadi Kamara, has extended a hand of friendship and solidarity to FC Kallon by donating 50 bags of rubber granules.

This generous act comes at a crucial time, as FC Kallon is preparing for its artificial turf project to enhance its training and matchday facilities.

According to Kamara the donation is not simply an act of goodwill but represents the unity and mutual support that sports teams can provide beyond competition.

“It acknowledges the significance of quality infrastructure in the development and performance of football clubs and highlighting the shared objective of promoting sports excellence across the region”, the Bo Rangers FC CEO asserted.

The CEO of FC Kallon, Mohamed Kallon, gracefully accepted the donation, appreciating the spirit of cooperation and support from their counterparts.

The FC Kallon CEO emphasised the importance of such contributions in fostering a positive and collaborative sports environment. “This donation will significantly benefit FC Kallon’s project, providing a necessary component for completing the artificial turf”.

“The high-quality rubber granules are essential for the turf’s durability and performance, ensuring a safer and more reliable playing surface for athletes”, Kallon said.

Furthermore, he reiterated his commitment to ensuring that the artificial turf project benefits FC Kallon and is an asset for the local community and other aspiring football talents.

“This act of generosity by the CEO of BO Rangers FC exemplifies the impactful ways sports organisations can collaborate for the greater good”, Kallon affirmed.

“It showcases how the values of teamwork, support, and community service extend beyond the pitch, playing a crucial role in the growth and development of football clubs and their surrounding communities”, he added.

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