Artificial Turf Project: FIFA Technical Expert Inspects Bo Coronation Field

Bo Coronation field to get a face-lift after FIFA technical expert, Mark Jonker inspected the sight for the commencement of the proposed Artificial turf project

FIFA technical expert Mark Jonker inspected and measured the Coronation field in Bo town on Sunday 9th July 2023, as the work to fix the artificial turf is expected to begin in August this year.

Mark Jonker arrived in Bo with a delegation from the Sierra Leone Football Association led by the media and marketing officer Lamin Tarawallie for the inspection and measurements of the field.  

According to Bo District Football Association (BODFA), the inspection was to ascertain the necessary information needed to start the rebranding of the Bo Coronation Field.

The project according to Jonker will entails an artificial turf, floodlight, a pavilion, a perimeter fence, and a generator.

Jonker during his tour at the venue, confirmed that the project is expected to commence in August and will last for a period of six months with the groundwork to be done by local contractors.

The plan to fix a turf at the field has been on the pipeline for a very long time. Earlier this year, it was revealed by the acting Secretary General of the FA, Mohamed Benson Bawoh that the Bo Coronation Field will be one of the beneficiaries of the project.

The newly elected chairman of the Bo District Football Association ( BoDFA) Abdul Ahmed Bangura expressed delight for the project in his tenure as the district is set to benefit from standard playing pitches which will help in the process of the player’s development in that part of the country.

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