Wusum Stars defeat struggling Mighty Blackpool 2-0 in Makeni

In a thrilling encounter, the Wusum Stars proved their prowess and secured a well-deserved victory over Mighty Blackpool.

Mighty Blackpool FC experienced a disappointing loss of 2-0 against Wusum Stars at the Wusum Field in the Leone Rock Premier League.

Ibrahim Kargbo and Abdul Bangura both score to earn the home side a vital win against Mighty Blackpool who are currently facing challenges in the league.

This defeat is the ninth for the Tis-Tas boys, placing them in the 15th position on the league table.

Initially, Mighty Blackpool FC had high hopes for the match, but they struggled to find their rhythm and maintain it throughout the game.

Wusum Stars took advantage of their opponent’s subpar performance, ultimately securing a comfortable victory. This defeat only adds to the struggles of Mighty Blackpool FC, who have been struggling to find their form this season.

With only a few matches left in the first phase of the league, the team must regroup and find a way to turn their fortunes around. In their next match, Mighty Blackpool FC will face Bhantal FC, who currently holds the second position on the league table.

This will be a challenging fixture for the Tis-Tas boys, but it could also serve as an opportunity for them to showcase their skills and bounce back from their previous setbacks.

The upcoming match against Bhantal FC will be crucial for Mighty Blackpool FC as they strive to climb up the league table and revive their season.

The team must work on their tactics, enhance their performance, and exhibits determination on the field to secure a favourable outcome.

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