Sierra Leone 2026 World Cup Qualifying Campaign begins with a draw

Sierra Leone and Ethiopia drew 0-0 in a challenging game, impacted by heavy fog.

Amidu Karim, the highly esteemed head coach of the Leone Stars football team, showed an incredible display of leadership and tactical skills during a breathtaking match against the Walia of Ethiopia, which was held during the grueling and intensely competitive 2026 World Cup Qualifiers.

The game took place at the Mohamed V Stadium in Casablanca, Morocco on Wednesday evening.

Despite several unexpected disruptions caused by force majeure, which would have impacted even the strongest of teams, Karim’s players showed a never-before-seen level of resilience and determination that left the fans watching online in utter amazement right from the first whistle.

The match itself was a captivating spectacle, as both teams demonstrated exceptional levels of skill and grit throughout the game.

Despite facing tough competition from the Walia of Ethiopia, who also showed an impressive display, the Leone Stars remained neck-and-neck with them until the very end, even when a blizzard made the game more challenging.

The Walia of Ethiopia is an opponent to be respected, but Karim’s team did not cower in fear. Instead, his team raised their game to another level beyond what anyone could expect, leaving their brave opponents in the dust.

If Leone Stars had won the game, it could  have serve as a motivation ahead of a daunting match against the Pharaohs of Egypt on Sunday. 

Despite that, Karim remained optimistic, encouraging and supportive of his team.

He acknowledged their incredible efforts and expressed his pride in their achievement. Working under Karim’s guidance has proven to be a wise move for the Leone Stars, with a record of one win and two draws in their three matches.

Thus, this signifies an impressive start for the Leone Stars, thanks in large part he has played to re-brand the team.

Now, everyone is excited to see how the rest of the journey will go in their quest to qualify for the 2026 World Cup. 

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