Emmanuel King wins gold medal for Sierra Leone in African Games

Emmanuel King has undoubtedly clinched the gold medal for Sierra Leone in the prestigious 13th African Games.

By Magdalene Konneh 

The 13th African Games saw history being made as Sierra Leone’s Emanuel King Esq. secured his country’s first medal by winning the gold in Scrabble, beating Uganda captain Richard Geria in a thrilling match.

The Scrabble event, which was introduced as a demonstration sport for the first time, attracted considerable attention. Wordsmiths across the continent displayed their agility and expertise in the competition.

The three-day event saw 24 players from 12 countries competing in the leading men’s category, making the competition highly competitive.

Despite the fierce competition, King emerged as the clear winner, earning his first international gold medal after 15 impactful appearances on the global stage.

King, who is a professional lawyer, has always been passionate about Scrabble. In his home country, he has won numerous championships and has been crowned the Sierra Leone Scrabble Champion multiple times.

He expressed his pride and gratitude after securing his first cross-border gold medal, thanking scrabble enthusiasts for his trusting him with their unflinching support.

For King, Scrabble is more than just a game. It has taught him valuable life skills such as problem-solving, strategic analysis, and building a solid vocabulary arsenal.

He believes that the game has shaped his approach to life and that it has strengthened his vocabulary.

With his victory, King cemented his legacy as a Scrabble champion, bringing honour and glory to his country.

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