Debora ends successful road tour to Guinea

Deborah Fatima Conteh, a courageous and determined female cyclist from Sierra Leone, embarked on an incredible journey that would not only challenge her physical endurance but also defy the societal norms and expectations placed upon women.

Her awe-inspiring feat involved riding her bicycle from Sierra Leone all the way to Guinea, a journey that showcased her strength, resilience, and passion for breaking barriers.

Deborah’s decision to undertake this arduous expedition was driven by her desire to challenge the traditional gender roles that often confine women in her society. In Sierra Leone, women are often expected to conform to societal expectations and prioritize domestic responsibilities over personal pursuits.

However, Deborah refused to let these expectations hinder her dreams and aspirations. She saw her bicycle as a vehicle for change, a tool to shatter stereotypes and empower women.

Deborah started her journey from Masiaka, Sierra Leone to Guinea. She faced numerous obstacles and hardships. The rough terrains, inclement weather, and limited resources posed significant challenges throughout her expedition.

However, she remained undeterred, relying on her unwavering determination and sheer willpower to overcome these hurdles. Deborah’s physical strength was matched only by her mental fortitude, as she pushed through exhaustion and discomfort, fuelled by her unwavering belief in the importance of her mission.

Deborah’s journey also served as a source of inspiration and empowerment for women in her community. By taking on such a formidable challenge, she demonstrated that women are capable of achieving greatness, breaking free from societal constraints, and pursuing their dreams. Her actions ignited a sense of hope and possibility among other women, encouraging them to challenge the status quo and strive for their own personal growth and fulfilment.

Furthermore, Deborah’s journey highlighted the importance of gender equality and female empowerment on a broader scale. It shed light on the need for societies to provide equal opportunities and support for women to pursue their passions and aspirations.

For the past years, Deborah had been training tirelessly, determined to win every race that came her way. And she did. She won the prestigious Ride-Afric Accra Criterium hosted in Ghana last year and took the second position this year due to so many challenges, that wasn’t enough. She wanted more, she craved adventure.

By Petros Katta


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