Bhantal secured a crucial 2-1 win over Lions as Premier League returns

Bhantal FC pulled off a stunning upset with a 2-1 victory over East End Lions.

By Magdalene Konneh

In what can only be described as a highly anticipated return to Premier League action, Bhanhal FC secured a crucial 2-1 victory over East End Lions FC at the SLFA Football Academy ground in Kingtom on Friday evening.

The atmosphere was electric, and the crowd was treated to a spectacle of intense moments and thrilling plays as both teams fought hard to gain an edge. Bhanhal showed great skill and determination, ultimately coming out on top with a well-deserved win that left the fans cheering.

East End Lions took the lead in the first half through Sulaiman S. Kargbo, who opened the scoring and gave his team a much-needed boost. His side went into the break leading 1-0, and the fans were excited to see what the second half would bring.

Bhantal didn’t relent; they returned from the break with a different approach, dominating the second half to record a win against the Killers. They came out with renewed energy and purpose, determined to turn the game around and secure a victory.

Photo: Kemokai Sportography

Mohamed Bangura was the hero for Bhantal, converting from the spot to level the scores for his side after the referee awarded them a penalty for an infringement committed by East End Lions.

The tension was noticeable as both teams searched intensively for the winner, but Mohamed Bangura found the net late in the match to earn Bhantal a 2-1 victory. The Bhantal fans erupted in jubilation, while the East End Lions fans were disappointed.

Following their win, Bhantal FC’s skipper, Alusine Fornah, believes it was due to their commitment that they were able to snatch the win from East End Lions FC.

According to him, they were a bit shaky in the first half, but they re-energized themselves in the second half and conquered the Lions at the end of the match.

“What matters to us is the three points. We started slowly, but we built our confidence in the match. When they scored their goal, we regrouped and played with determination”.

“In the end, we conquer and win the match. It was a great result for us and our fans, and a great start in the second round of the league”, Fornah cited.

On the other hand, Alusine Vandi of East End Lions asserted that they were unlucky and that it wasn’t their day. He pointed out that their midfield had lapses, which allowed Bhantal to dominate them from the middle and cost them the defeat.

Meanwhile, Bhantal FC Mohamed A. Kamara was awarded man of the match following his tremendous effort in ensuring his side’s victory in a crucial fixture. His performance was remarkable, and he was the driving force behind Bhantal’s victory.

This result will boost their confidence in the future in the season, and it will be interesting to see how the other teams respond to this impressive performance. Both teams gave it their all, and the fans were treated to a thrilling match that will be discussed for weeks.

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