Fatima’s Incredible Journey: Overcoming obstacles to become Freetown Classic 2023 champion

Fatima Deborah Conteh makes history as first female winner of Flames Cycling Club's Freetown Classic 2023 race.

On a sunny Sunday morning at the 2023 Flames Cycling Club’s Freetown Classic, history was made as Fatima Deborah Conteh, part of Team Ubuntu, emerged as the champion in the Female Category.

After an intense ride spanning along distance from the starting point, Fatima completed the race in a remarkable 2 hours, 30 minutes, and 10 seconds, stunning the crowd with her incredible performance.

Many of the onlookers believed Fatima’s hard work, dedication, and perseverance had paid off in a big way, as she earned a well-deserved victory.

“We can all draw immense inspiration and motivation from the remarkable victory of Fatima Deborah Conteh at the Flames Cycling Club’s Freetown Classic 2023 Race. Her stunning win is a historic moment that has broken barriers and opened up new opportunities for other aspiring female cyclists”.

“Her unyielding commitment and tenacity in the face of challenges have made her a true champion in every sense of the word. Let’s take inspiration from her bold and fearless spirit to conquer our fears and achieve our dreams”.

“Fatima’s success story shows us that with grit, determination, and hard work, anything is possible. Let us all salute this inspiring young woman and strive to follow in her footsteps, breaking barriers and creating opportunities for ourselves and for others along the way”.

This year’s competition was highly competitive, with over 50 cyclists from all over Sierra Leone participating. Roxanne of Lunsar Cycling and Jane Blessing Jabbie of Kono Cycling Club also put in admirable performances, finishing second and third respectively. It was a tough race for all participants, but Fatima was able to stay ahead of the pack, crossing the finish line with a clear lead.

In her reaction to the victory, Fatima revealed that she had put in hours of hard work and training in preparation for the competition, and her win was a result of her unwavering determination to succeed.

“My effort in training is the key to my success. I trained for months to prepare for this day. It wasn’t an easy race as the other riders were equally prepared. But with determination, I rode with maturity and confidence to be the first female winner of the Freetown Classic”, she stated.

As the crowds eagerly watched on, the anticipation grew with every passing moment as the male category race approached its climax. It was clear that the competitors had given it their all, pushing themselves to the limit and beyond.

And in the end, it was Tenesie Dixson of Flames Cycling Club who emerged victorious, taking the coveted top spot on the podium amid thunderous applause.

Dixson’s impressive performance had demonstrated the sheer determination and passion that had carried him to the very top of the sport, making him a true champion without any doubt. 

Meanwhile, the competition for second and third place was just as fierce, with Moses L. Kamara of Lunsar Cycling Club and Mohamed Bangura of Kono Cycling Club putting on an impressive display of athleticism and sportsmanship that left the crowd captivated and inspired.

Moreover, the Flames Cycling Club organizers deserve commendation for their efforts in promoting cycling in Sierra Leone. They host events and training sessions all over the country, supporting aspiring young cyclists who are eager to pursue a career in the sport, thereby nurturing and developing future generations of cycling stars.

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