Star Sport Academy 5-2 POW: A bad day for school league holders in a warm-up friendly match

Star Sport Football Academy thrashed Prince of Wales Senior Secondary School 5-2 in a warm-up friendly match at the SLFA academy ground in Kingtom on Tuesday.

The result was a reflection of the good work coach Tamba and his technical team are doing in training. The match was mostly one-sided with Star Sport dominating the Prince of Wales Boys who are the current holders of the 2023 Western Area Urban School League Championship.

It was one of the many friendly matches lined up by the Star Sport management to play against teams of their same age limits to help boost the confidence of their boys.  

The management of the academy believed that engaging in friendlies will create an avenue to develop the skills of their players, a chance to know other stakeholders in the game, and exchange pleasantries that will help in the process of promoting grassroots football.

Speaking to Mags Tribune Sports after the match, coach Tamba lauded his boys for exhibiting what they’ve learned from training with so much passion and attention to detail.

Affirming that Star Sport Academy is grooming the next generation of footballers that will be in readiness to represent the country when needed.

“Today’s result is not different from our previous matches, we’ve been building on this for a long time. We played schools and other grassroots teams most of the time because we are working on developing youth football.  Even before we went to Guinea for the two friendly matches we played against Edwards”, he said.

“We always play with high intensity, keeping the ball away from our opponents and making killer passes when once the attackers are in a favourable position to score. That’s why we are prone to scoring more goals against our opponents. It’s a tactical system we are building as the identity of our team”, he added.

Coach Tamba mentioned that the academy is working on a lot of things behind the background that will be of great benefit to the boys and the country as a whole.

However, the head coach of Prince of Wales (POW), Wahid Sillah was not expecting such results due to the squad he lined up against Star Sport FC.  The result he said was way below his expectations as they have the technical qualities to beat their opponent.

“It was just a bad day for us. We have the best youth team in Freetown. We proved that during the school league. What happened today, is a test case. We will go back and look at what went wrong so we will fix it before our next friendly or competition match,” Sillah averred.

Meanwhile, Star Sport Academy will continue its drive to play more matches with other youth teams to keep the boys fit. On Friday 14th April, they will be playing against HADA FC, another tough side in youth football.

  1. Good game platers
    Guys I want to be part of you to showcase my talents by playing football

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