SLFA President: I wanted Kallon to be the coach but there were ethical issues around him

SLFA boss disclosed the reasons for not hiring Mohamed Kallon for Leone Stars job

By Magdalene Konneh (Maggie)

The President of the Sierra Leone Football Association, Thomas Daddy Brima has disclosed on AYV Wake-Up Sierra Leone that his first choice for the Leone Stars job was Mohamed Kallon. But the former Inter Milan midfielder wasn’t further considered due to mountainous ethical issues around him.

The SLFA boss highlighted the many issues that hindered the process of hiring Kallon and other foreign coaches they contacted before concluding to hire Amidu Karim for the job.

“I wanted Mohamed Kallon but at this moment there are several ethical issues around him to clear citing the four-match ban from CAF and the attack on Female Referees and Officials is also a concern on the table at CAF and FIFA”.

“We are testing Amidu Karim for the World Cup qualifiers. When the best is not available the available becomes the best”

“Amidu Karim is a more attacking-minded coach and John Keister is very defensive-minded, hence the reason we decided to give Amidu him a try”, Brima said.

On his take with regards to the document from the National Sports Authority (NSA) questioning their decision on the manner they appointed the current technical team, Brima averred that the NSA has no role in appointing coaches for the national team.

“It is the role of the Federation to train coaches and hire coaches for the national team”, he stressed.

“We have limited time to advertise the job with two matches already in November we consulted the NSA and the MOS on the decision to appoint Amidu Karim and they have their blessings”.

“We started engaging coaches including four foreign nationals who were on the radar, and the NSA was in support of a foreign coach. I told them I believe in local content”, Brima stated.

Despite the negativity surrounding the appointment of the new coach, the FA President is confident that Sierra Leone will qualify for the World Cup with this technical team headed by Amidu Karim, Francis Zappa Koroma and Alhaji Foray (Abedi).

“We got unfortunate along the line with our best choice we have issues to clear along the line and the NSA has to understand some of these things should not come to the public domain if we have managed them as professionals”.

“On Mohamed Kallon, We have to do a background check. FIFA and CAF are not against anyone, but there are certain questions that need to be answered before we can appoint Kallon”, Brima mentioned.

“I went to brief the Minister of Sports right away on the ethical issues. She looked at me and said I thought as much. And she asked what your next option is. I said, if the best is not available the available becomes the best”.

He further said with Amidu, they want continuity as he has been with John Keister and he knows the players very well. He is not a stranger to the job.

However, the FA boss accused the NSA of wanting to control the Federation and according to him, which is not going to work.  “Do your supervisory job and allow us to do our job we will take responsibility when it goes wrong”, he advised.

Brima adds: “In the contract with Amidu Karim we said provisional if they fail to perform we will take a decision in the best interest of the Country”.

The FA boss reiterated that the letter from the NSA is tantamount to discrediting the Football Federation and they will not accept it. “We have agreed on what is best for the country at this point”, he concluded.

Credit Alhaji Super-Laj Mansaray

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