SLCA appoints Sheku Alim Cawray CEO in race to 9-months deadline

In a bid to exhibit commitment into implementing the 13-point recommendation advanced by the Investigation Committee set by the Ministry of Sport and the National Sports Authority (NSA), the Board of the Sierra Leone Cricket Association (SLCA) has carefully appointed Sheku Alim Cawray to serve as its new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in the race against the nine-month stipulated deadline.

Alim Cawray is a project management and research expert with over 10+ years of strong administrative, research, and project management experience

He is expected to start operations on March 1, 2023 during which he will undergo induction training to familiarize himself with the inner workings of SLCA.

Below is a comprehensive record of the interview this reporter had with him:

 How do you feel about getting the CEO post?

I feel honoured and blessed to be the CEO of SLCA because it was a long and tough journey.  I want to take this opportunity to thank the entire Board and the Cricket family for the trust they bestowed upon me with such a vital position.

 Among the prying challenges, what would be your first task?

I am very much aware of the impasse prying the organization and, I am also aware of the 13-point recommendations advanced by the MOS-NSA investigation committee with a strict timeline. My first task is to support the Board in the full implementation of all these recommendations of which some have already been addressed, that is my appointment. Furthermore, I will be looking at the administrative structure of my team. For example, I will try to identify the strength and weaknesses and see how we can improve on the weakness through capacity-building training. I will also be looking at other activities like delegation, procurement, etc. to ensure that my team is efficient and all the right protocols/procedures are followed to the letter to cut down wastage.


 What changes do you hope to bring?


My focus would depend on my assessment of what the company’s strength was, and where we needed to grow by using our strengths. In another word, the focus of change will be contextual. I will engage the hearts and minds of others in the assessment process. I will allow us to focus on improving the weaknesses since I do believe that approach pays a long-term benefit.

 What are your administrative skills?

Having a bachelor’s degree with over 10+ years of strong administrative, research, and project management experiences, Alim is skilled in directing an organization’s operations to encourage corporate growth. Alim possesses strong communication skills to effectively discuss and explain the organization’s mission and vision to a wide range of individuals, from employees to board members and other cricket stakeholders clearly and persuasively. Furthermore, Alim is someone decisive and has strong problem-solving abilities. Alim can analyze a situation, recognize issues, and execute successful solutions to keep the company moving in the proper direction.  Alim is highly regarded for his excellent interpersonal and report-writing skills. Furthermore, he is proficient in the use of office equipment and computer software packages such as Microsoft Office applications, G-suite, and others. Alim is a fast learner with good analytical skills. He can develop Cricket Sierra Leone through the use of data intelligence and insights to inform decision-making; he can further develop the culture of Cricket Sierra Leone into that of a learning-led organization. He can also ensure that operational activities are executed within agreed timelines for stakeholder satisfaction. Lastly, he can support the development of standard operating procedures to enhance the effective operation of Cricket in Sierra Leone

How unique are you?

I am unique because I am a visionary leader who is ambitious and optimistic in pursuant to the mission and vision of any organization I have worked for. I am also a good communicator and a collaborator who can excel in an ambiguous and continuously changing competitive environment. I am approachable at all times and believed in teamwork and inclusivity.

 What are your short term and long-term plans for SLCA?

The organization already has a working document which is the Strategic Development Plan for 2019-2026 developed by the Board. In this case, my short-term and long-time goals are aligned with that of the strategic development plan for 2019-2026. The long-time strategy for the development of the game over these seven years is based on three key elements: Grow Cricket/More Play, Good Governance & Social Responsibility, and Strong Finance & Operations.

In light of the above, for us to be able to deliver these three key elements over time, it is a must that we develop a short-term strategy or plan that can enable us to achieve our long-term goal. These plans are as follows -:

We will grow our clubs and leagues by providing outstanding experiences for all by listening to players with regard to the formats, competitions, and league structures they want to play in. As well as investing in support roles such as coaches, groundsmen, and officials. We will develop the tools that will simplify the management of clubs and leagues and continue to invest in the facilities to create the most welcoming of environments. This will be delivered through local delivery plans and more help for our people who support local cricket clubs. We will put the player at the heart of our decision-making and promote player-driven formats.

Review the number of national competitions supported by SLCA to provide more opportunities to play across the whole league structure.


Strengthen/expansion of school programs. We will provide more opportunities for kids to play by putting the bat and ball in more schools across the country and by engaging with teachers to integrate cricket more into the classroom curriculum. We will roll out an ability-based pathway for children that will foster skill development and player progression, but most importantly focus on just having fun at this preliminary stage.

We will ensure that cricket is at the heart of the communities in which it is played through a game-wide philosophy of inclusivity. We will diversify participation with a particular focus on women, girls, multicultural groups, those with disabilities, and inner-city communities. We will actively drive a broader representation of society in all areas of the game.

Develop new facilities in areas of the strategic need to allow more people to play cricket more often.

To help enhance development from a good governance perspective, we will be organizing a series of training and workshops for both management and the technical staff.

Standardize and operationalize ICC funding qualification and application process.


Develop infrastructure to support commercial events.

Develop sponsorship revenue generation program, and sponsor management program.


Develop yearly commercial event program.

Increase online revenues.

Review member contributions and fees. 

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