Single Leg Amputee beat Polio FC 3-1 in a welcome friendly match

In a welcome home friendly match played at the Approved School playing ground, east of Freetown, Sierra Leone Single Leg Amputee National Football team defeated Sierra Leone Polio FC 3-1 on Saturday afternoon.

The match was played in respect of the two amputee professional footballers, Foday James Lumeh and Adidas who recently return from Turkey for holidays.

Both players are serving as role models for their teammates who celebrated their return in grand style, hailing them for getting their first successful season in Europe.

After the match one of the professional players, who is also the captain for the national amputee football team, Foday James Lumeh, acknowledged the efforts of his colleagues who turned up in their numbers to give them a cheerful welcome.

Lumeh said it’s encouraging to see such humility from their teammates  who are happily celebrating their success story with them.

“They make us feel proud and blessed. Their action indicates the passion we as disabled people have for the game and how much we are together. We are not just football players, we are a family and we believe in achieving the same dream of playing the game at it best.  An achievement for one is a win for all”.

“If you believe in hard work and determination, luck will one day be with you eventually. It is in your hand to make yourself happy and successful. Don’t just say. Do it. Make it happen. Life is about action. Action will bring your life a new identity. People will respect you”.

“People will value your word. Your actions will take you to the top-notch of success. Just keep working on your goals. It will create the path to success”, Lumeh said.

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