Sierra Leone sweeps nine historic titles to end ten-day phenomenal fight

The Ladies Patriots cleared nine historic titles to end the Nigeria Women’s T20 International Tournament in a grand style.

Sierra Leone entered the Lagos Showpiece with the game-plan to execute the basics, and executing the basics, it did by every indication.

The Lady’s Patriots clinched the bronze medals following their 9 wickets victory against Cameroon in the third place final and also wins nine individual awards.

Lady Alice Fillie won Best Bowler of the Tournament, pulling a bowling economy of 3.2.

The Tournament only sixer Celina Bull grabbed the third Best Fielder.

Janet Kowa secured the second Best Player of the Tournament award, after winning two Woman of the Match awards.

 Three Sierra Leonean players, Captain Fatmata Parkinson, Celina Bull and Emma Kamara appeared among the top ten batters of the Tournament.

Alice Fillie, Janet Kowa and Fatu Pessima are rated among the top ten of bowlers with exceptional deliveries.

Three Sierra Leonean players, Alice Fillie, Captain Fatmata Parkinson, and Janet Kowa formed part of the Team of the Tournament, indicating the effects of good coaching as indicated by Head Coach Kenneth Masinga.

Sierra Leone presented the only team in the entire tournament to win with nine wickets.

It presented the only team in the entire tournament to score a boundary six.

After a fight of its kind, the Ladies Patriots delivered bronze for Sierra Leone.

Sierra Leone has left an indelible footprint on the landmass of Nigeria, sweeping titles to the surprise of fellow competitors.

Credit: SLCA 

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