Sierra Leone body-builder is in readiness to compete for the first time

Mohamed Alhaji Bockarie is prepared to face his opponents for the first time in the 2022 Body-Building ICN Queensland State Championship slated for Saturday, September 24, at the Sleeman Sports Complex in Chandler.

Bockarie would be competing in three categories on the day of the championship. His open event will be in the category of rookies, followed by the men’s 77.1 kg and the men’s open for all weight levels.

The Sierra Leonean bodybuilder who is based in Brisbane, Australia has been training for over two years to master the sport and start competing in various championships.

Having gone through rigorous training with his coach, the rookie believes that he has what it takes to challenge others for the title in the categories he registered to compete.

“I have been developing my skills and getting myself ready for this year’s championship. With my current fitness and body structure, i now feel comfortable competing against others for the ultimate title”.  

“I know I am a rookie, and competing for the first time would be difficult. But there is always a first time to everything. I will do my best to make a mark in this championship as I look forward to staying in the sport”.

Bockarie is a reputable sportsman who started his career as a soccer player before moving on to become one of the fastest sprinters in athletics and a promiscuous volleyball player and assistant Secretary General for the Volleyball association in Sierra Leone.  

“I have been an athlete all my life. Transitioning to body-building wasn’t an easy process. When I started first I wanted to give up. There was no motivation or support from anyone, it was hard”.

“But I keep working hard and started loving what I am doing. I am proud of the progress I have made and I hope that this competition will be the beginning of my long-term career in this sport”.

“I want to extend my appreciation to Velocity Support Service Pty for the funding they provided to me for the championship. So far, they are my main sponsors for the championship”.


The ICN aim at providing its members with a special and unique sporting experience and a lifelong path of competition.

The ICN has built a brand within bodybuilding by establishing credibility.

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