MOS-NSA Investigation Committee Advances 13 point Recommendation to end infighting at SLCA

The Investigation Committee set up by the Ministry of Sports and the National Sport Authority to probe into allegations of irregularities at the Sierra Leone Cricket Association (SLCA) has advanced 13-point recommendation to end the impasse at the entity and to help forge a clean path to prosperity.

In July 2022, the Ministry of Sport received complaint from three aggrieved Board members of SLCA against Chairman Francis Trevor Samura on claims of constitutional breach, administrative lapses, and financial impropriety. The complaint, after being heard and the accused giving his own side, the Investigation Committee was formed.

Five months of thorough investigation, the Committee did not find any obvious breach of the SLCA Constitution and any clear case of financial impropriety as alleged. This renders Chairman Samura free of the allegations leveled against his person.

Of the 13-point recommendation, the need to form a supervisory team (consisting of three or five members) to oversee the work of the SLCA board and its secretariat for a period of nine months appears key.

The committee also recommends that a stakeholders’ retreat be organized to profile the loss caused by the divide of the Board and to determine the causes of the impasse.

“The Committee fervently hopes that this report will bring cricket stakeholders, players and fans back to the fold and put an end….to the imbalances…and red tape, all of which have harmed the game and the youngsters…” the Report Concludes.

Speaking at the hearing held at the conference hall of the Ministry of Sport early Wednesday, Chairman Samura described the report as good and on the right track for the progress of cricket. “I approve and adopt the recommendations of the Committee and also wish to assure the Ministry of Sport, the NSA, and the ICC of the Board’s total support and unshakable commitment to the implementation of the recommendations,” he said.

Meanwhile, SLCA is currently working on the review of its constitution whose draft should be ready by Monday for the attention of ICC and the SLCA membership.

As February 4 AGM ,which is one of the benchmarks for good governance, zooms in, SLCA is close to announcing its next Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to handle the day-to-day operations of the Association. This is one of the recommendations set out by the Investigation Committee.

Already the need to find a suitable candidate to replace Martin Michael as Vice Chairman of SLCA is gaining grounds.
A month ago, Martin Michael resigned his post claiming extra personal duties and wishing the SLCA all the best in its pursuit to improve cricket.

No member of SLCA has made any formal declaration of intent to run for the position, but rumours about people wanting the post are flagging high.

Martin Michael served as Vice Chairman for ten years owing to his exemplary performance and philanthropic nature towards the game. SLCA is in urgent need of not merely a replacement, but one with similar heart and integrity.

By SLCA Media Department

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