“I will depart with love in my heart for everyone associating with this club”…Samuel Bekoe noted as he bade farewell to FC Johansen

Ghanian midfielder, Samuel Kwaku Bekoe has penned a touching farewell letter to his former club, FC Johansen, following his return to Ghana after spending 3 years in Sierra Leone playing for the Dream Chasers.

In a letter circulating on social media, the Ghanian-born midfielder expressed his delight for being given the opportunity to play for the Sierra Leone top-tier side over the last few years.

“I wish to express my sincere thanks and appreciation to Madam Isha Johansen, the Club Owner of Football Club Johansen in Freetown, Sierra Leone, for giving me the platform to showcase my footballing skills and talent as a professional footballer in this beloved country”.

“I enjoyed every moment of my stay with your club, and I know we achieved a lot together. As I seek a new chapter in my career following the end of my time at your club, I want to let you know that I will depart with love in my heart for you, your family and everyone associated with FC Johansen and wish the Club the very best for the future”.

“To all my teammates, especially our captains Lamin, Unisa and Abdul, as well as Emmanuel, Joseph, Lansana, and James, among others, I want to say massive thanks and gratitude for helping me settle down and adapt to a totally different environment and for everything you have taught me individually and collectively”.

“To all of my coaches, assistant coaches and fans, thank you for the support that has made my soccer career a lot more valuable and important to me. It has been such a blast to be part of a team that not only works hard but also treats me like a family. Thank you for all the love and kindness, and cheering you show towards my soccer games”.

“To Sierra Leone, a country I appreciate so much in my life and one I will forever be very proud of calling my home, I say thanks and appreciation for embracing me with open hands and treating me like your own son. Though I am returning to Ghana in search of a new chapter in my career, I will always cherish the day I wore the Green, White, and Blue of Sierra Leone in a Friendly International Match in Turkey against Liberia’s National Team”.

“For that gesture, I say many thanks Sierra Leone Football Association and Coaches and Players of Leone Stars. It was a great privilege for me and an opportunity I felt blessed and passionate about and will grab again if it arises in the future, regardless of whether I return to the Sierra Leone top flight league or play abroad”.

“This is because in my heart of hearts I feel so deeply about Sierra Leonean, and I love this country wholeheartedly”.

“To my brother Assod Karim and the entire Karim Family, words can’t truly express how grateful I am to you. You guys helped me a lot in settling down by providing me with the necessary hospitality. and other privileges in acclimatizing to the culture of Sierra Leone”.

However, Bekoe didn’t disclose his next move as fans are anticipating to know whether he will continue his football career in Ghana or to a club in Europe.

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