East End Lions beat FC Kallon 1-0 to claim bragging rights in Freetown derby

East End Lions FC produced a clinical and entertaining performance in the Freetown derby battle on Sunday at the Trade Centre playing field as they record a narrow 1-0 win over FC Kallon to claim the bragging right.

The Killers who dominated the match were able to hold on and cruise to a satisfactory victory over their city rivals, FC Kallon with their fans roaring across the arena motivating their players to the end as they grabbed the three points.

East End Lions had a strong start, missing a couple of chances before Mohamed Kamara netted the decisive goal that separated the two sides.

The Killers continue to raid FC Kallon’s defensive area with winger Prince Barrie making a lot of move to create some space and assists for his teammates up front.

There were a few misses from FC Kallon that could have changed the tempo of the match. However, luck wasn’t on their side as the defensive line of East End Lions was quick enough to clear the ball away.  

The win does not only earn the Lions the points but also gives their fans the bragging right to boast of how good their players are and be grateful for being able to beat the Cavaliers who defeated them 2-1 in the first round.

Since the resumption of the league, East End Lions have won all three matches they’ve played and also playing good football as compared to the first round.

Speaking to Mags Tribune Sports after the match, East End Lions Coach stated: “The reason for our current form is hard work and we are playing as a team. I feel so much delighted to win against FC Kallon. We lost against them in our first match, so it was all our plan to make sure we beat and secure all three points against them today”.

“In our next match, we are going to Old Edwardians with an expectation to win because we want to keep contending for the league title. We keep asking for the more winning game after game”.

“At the moment we are okay with the squad, but we might bring in one or two new players if possible. We want the fans to keep coming to our matches. They are very important and they are the reason why we are putting in some hard work to get good results”, Hunter said.

The assistant coach for FC Kallon, Nabieu B. Kamara pointed out that they were defeated because of the few mistakes they made during the match. “The defeat wasn’t because of the formation we used. It rather has to do with the few mistakes we made. Our formation was good, and we played well, but we made some vital mistakes in front of the goal”.

Kamara encouraged all FC Kallon fans to be patient and keep supporting the team. “We know today’s defeat was painful, but do not be discouraged, it’s just one of the 17 matches we have to play in the second round. We will correct our mistakes and bounce back as a team to win our remaining matches”.

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