23 best yoga mats for home workouts, stretching and more

Searching for the best yoga mat on the market? Whether you’re a dedicated yogi who needs to remain steady throughout your asanas or a HIIT junkie in need of a soft surface for chest-to-floor burpees, a yoga mat is a workout essential. It’s key you get the right one, though. The best yoga mats could make your practice easier, with everything from super grip that means you’ll never slip again, to thickness that makes savasana so much comfier, but there’s so many out there that it can be hard to separate the wheat from the chaff. Our job is to do that for you. Read on for everything you need to know about yoga mats, including our edit of the ones worth buying.

How to choose the best yoga mat

There are seven questions to ask yourself before you add a yoga mat to cart:

  • What level of grip does the yoga mat have?
  • How much does the yoga mat weigh?
  • Is the yoga mat portable?
  • How much cleaning does the yoga mat require?
  • Do you want an antimicrobial yoga mat?
  • Do you like smooth or textured surfaces on a yoga mat? How long is it? Will it work for yoga flows?
  • Are you looking for a sustainable yoga mat?

What is the best thickness for a yoga mat?

How thick a yoga mat should be depends on personal preference. If you have joints that ache after exercise (or just generally), choose a yoga mat above 3mm thick. This will make sure there’s enough cushion to support you while you move. If you like to feel the floor beneath you (some do for extra sturdy vibes), plump for a yoga mat of 3mm or less.

How to clean a yoga mat

Wipes or a cleaning spray applied in circular motions to both sides of the yoga mat with a towel are a good call for a quick fix between classes, but at some stage you’re going to want to give your yoga mat a deep clean.

Some yoga mats are machine washable (rejoice!), in which case giving it a deep clean is as easy as throwing it in the machine, putting it on a cold gentle cycle with mild detergent and air drying it afterwards.

Other yoga mats require just a bit more effort (always check the label). The safest way to deep clean a yoga mat is by using a gentle cloth and warm water with either dishwashing soap or a mild detergent. Once you’ve cleaned both sides, make sure to use clean water and rinse the surface of the yoga mat with the cloth before giving it a quick dry with a towel and leaving it to air dry.

WH Lab Approved

Keep an eye out for any yoga mats that have our WH Lab Approved badge proudly displayed on their picture. Think of it like a Where’s Wally for quality products, as these items have all been given our resident PT and yoga expert’s seal of approval.

Our pros put a total of 30 yoga mats through their paces, seeing how each one performed during yoga, yoga nidra (a form of deep rest), HIIT and even weights sessions (most yoga mats double up as exercise mats). They were scored based on how grippy, comfortable, portable and stable they were (with bonus points for eco credentials), and only their favourite few made it on to this list.

Our editors (no strangers to a soothing stretching session) have also listed their top yoga mat picks, too. Happy shopping.

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