AWOL Australia set to stage its 4th Annual Achievement Awards

All Works of Life Australia (AWOL) will be staging its ‘AWOL Australia 4th Achievement Awards on Saturday 19th November 2022 at the Grand Palace, Golden Room at Parramatta Road in Auburn.

The organisation is returning with its annual Achievement Awards for the first time since the outbreak of COVID 19 in Australia with the purpose of recognising hardworking community leaders in all works of life.

In an interview on Radio Skidrow Sierra Leone Show, on Saturday 4th November 2022, the Ambassador for AWOL Australia, Hicmatu Sesay affirmed that AWOL Australia is a charitable organisation with its membership widely drawn from among Sierra Leoneans across different states and all works of life.

The aim of AWOL Australia according to Hicmatu, is to share common goals that will genuinely help to contribute in bringing the Sierra Leone community in Australia together in other to raise funds to help with tangible developmental project that will be of great benefit to Sierra Leoneans back home.

AWOL, she said was founded in 2001 by a group of inspiring Sierra Leoneans from various backgrounds. But at it initial stage, they were only organising parties to interact and promote friendship using entertainment as a focal point to socialised.  

When the late Moseray Gibril Fadika became the Chairman  of AWOL, he rebrands the organization and initiate the idea of using it as charitable body that will be raising funds to give back to deprive communities and as well as celebrating and recognising hardworking citizens who are putting efforts in helping towards nation building in their various works of life.  

Under the leadership of Mr Fadika, they introduced the annual National Achievement Awards (NAA) as a way of identifying role models that would an inspiration to the younger generation. And since then, AWOL has established in America, the UK, other parts of Europe and Australia.

“For us in Australia our aim is to use this awards to promote excellence and hand work, here in our community, while using the funds we raise from the ticket sales to lunch a major project to help our people back home. It’s a huge project which we would unveil later to the public”. Hicmatu said.

“We want community members across Australia to support us so we can achieve our goal. This year, we would be celebrating and recognising community leaders in 6 categories of awards, ranging from sports, community businesses, entertainment, community engagement, youth and young adult of the year.  

Hicmatu cited that the award ceremony will be an open session for everyone in the community to witness it. But ticket would be on sale from $100 and all attendees should be in an official dress because it is a card carpet event and they are expecting people to be suited or elegant.

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